01.04.1995 – 04.08.2011

He was our family dog for over 14 years. He was our steadfast companion and best friend. Tucker was the greatest dog we ever owned. He had a soul…he could look at you and know what you were thinking or feeling. He loved everyone and had to be in the middle of whatever we were doing. The loss of a dog is beyond heartbreaking. Words cannot truly explain the grief you are feeling. When that day came when we had to put Tucker to sleep, we almost couldn’t do it. But the last thing we wanted was for him to suffer. The day we picked up his ashes, it was like bringing him home again. Thank you for loving us and we hope you knew how much you meant to us. I hope we didn’t wait too long before we let you go to sleep. Although it was the hardest thing we ever had to do, we always wanted you to be happy and have a good home. Welcome home!

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