Cruisin’ for Critters Poker Run Q&A


What is the Cruisin’ for Critters Poker Run?

The Cruisin’ for Critters Poker Run is one of our 4 main events that we hold throughout the year to raise money for the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society! Several riders will participate in this fundraiser by driving out to 4 bars just outside the city of Sioux Falls to collect stamps before arriving at the final location to receive their poker hand.


What is the admission to participate?

$15/hand if you pre-register and $20/hand if you register the day of the event. You can register at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society or on our website,, or you can register at J&L Harley-Davidson.


How long has the SFAHS been doing a Poker Run?

This is the 18th annual Cruisin’ for Critters Poker Run.


Has it always been called the Cruisin’ for Critters Poker Run?

It used to be called “Paws for a Cause,” but we recently re-vamped it and this is the first year we are using the name Cruisin’ for Critters.


Can people register for the Poker Run the day of the event?

You can register the day off! It will cost $20/hand the day of and we will hold registration at J&L Harley-Davidson from 11am-1pm this Saturday, May 27th.


For someone who’s never done one, how does the Poker Run work?

After registering at J&L Harley-Davidson, you’ll follow a map to visit 4 locations before ending at our final stop where you will be dealt a poker hand. Winners of those hands will be announced, as well as the winner of our 50/50 drawing!


Do you have to have a Harley motorcycle to participate?

You do not! We have quite a few people who participate in the Poker Run and they drive in their cars to each location.


Can any age take part in the Poker Run?

Any age is welcome. You have to be 18 to play a poker hand, but we have kids every year that tag along with their parents. We even have a “Youngest Rider” prize this year!


Where do you start the Poker Run at?

We’ll start with registration at J&L Harley-Davidson from 11am-1pm. Even if you’ve pre-registered, we’ll still all meet out at J&L so we can distribute the forms, the maps, and the t-shirts!


What are the stops on the Poker Run route?

J&L Harley-Davidson for registration

212 Boiling Point in Brandon

Monarch Lounge in Renner

The Goat Bar and Grill in Hartford

Shenanigans in Sioux Falls

Fresh Horses in Harrisburg


What happens at the last stop?

At the last stop you will be dealt your Poker hand! We’ll give away the prizes for those hands and announce the winner for the 50/50 drawing.


What are the prizes for the winners?

The prizes vary for each “winner.” The prize packages are a variety of gift cards, hotel stays, t-shirts, vehicle cleaning items, and much more, from several companies within Sioux Falls!


Where do you register for the 50/50 drawing?

You can buy tickets for the 50/50 drawing at registration or at Fresh Horses before we announce the prizes!


How will the money raised be used at the SFAHS?

The money raised will go directly to the Humane Society and caring for our animals until they find their FURever home! We’ll use it to purchase beds, toys, food, medicine, etc.


What is your biggest need for donations at the SFAHS?

We have a wish list on our website and now we have an amazon wish list –   Food is always a big one, especially now that its kitten season. We always serve our animals Purina dog/cat food, so that’s always needed!

Q&A with Woofs & Waves

Woofs & Waves is a new pet store on the east side of Sioux Falls. Find out more about them and their store in our latest Q&A with Justin, owner of Woofs & Waves – with a couple unique questions thrown in!

What inspired you to start Woofs & Waves?

It has always been a passion of mine to open my own pet store.  It took years of planning and discussing details with my business partner, Mark, before we actually to the first step in starting our own store.  Having been in the industry for a while we were able to design a business plan that aligned with the things we wanted to improve on in the industry.

L to R: Justin Shatto, Christine Gillick & Mark Olesen

Tell us about Woofs & Waves?

Woofs and Waves is thrilled to be the first pet store of its kind to be able to service the east side of Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities. We have a wide variety of high quality dog and cat food in addition to an extensive line of food and supplies for reptiles and small animals. In addition to food, supplies, treats and toys for all pets, our store also features an impressive selection of saltwater, freshwater and exotic fish. Showcasing 83 tanks and over 5000 gallons of water, we have the perfect addition to any aquarium. We also specialize in the knowledge and experience to keep any aquarium in optimum condition.

Our pets are our family and we have a knowledgeable staff with over 50 years of combined experience who can help provide nutrition and behavior education for all pet parents. We are excited for the opportunity of serving residents on the east side Sioux Falls and look forward to being a part of it’s continued growth.

Woofs&Waves (8 of 14)What experience do you have in the pet industry?

I started in the pet industry when I was 14 years old and have been working off and on throughout the years.  My passion is for aquariums and I learned everything I know from my business partner Mark (who has been in the aquatics industry for 25+ years).  At the store I’m known as the African Cichlid expert.

What types of products do you sell?

We sell a little bit of everything.  From Small Animal, Bird and Reptile supplies to a variety of all natural foods and treats for your dogs and cats.  We also sell many standard and custom aquariums, aquarium products and supplies, and pride ourselves on the variety of fresh, saltwater, and exotic fish that we consistently have in stock.

Do you support local small businesses who have pet items by selling them in your store?

We always shop local whenever we have the chance.  One of our biggest grooming suppliers is Groomers Choice, an international grooming supply company.  We also carry a product called the Portion Paw which was designed and created here in Sioux Falls.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business for about 6 months.  Our first day of business was 11/16/15.

What made you decide to open on the east side of Sioux Falls?

We wanted to open on the east side of Sioux Falls because there was a great need that wasn’t being met.  Eastern Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities (Brandon, Northwest Iowa, and Southwest Minnesota) would have to drive clear across town to get the quality pet supplies they need.

Do you have any special events or hosting a rescue group coming up?

At this time the only special event we have coming up is our Grand Opening event coming up on Saturday, June 11th 2016.

Do you have any pets? If so, do they come to the store with you?

I have a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer named Ava.  She will come to the store occasionally, but she gets anxious when she does because of the open field right next door that she feels she needs to run in constantly.  Christine will bring her dog occasionally and we always have our customers bringing in their dogs to come check out the store!  YES, customers’ dogs are always welcome at our store as long as they are leashed.  We love to have guests come visit us!

If you could pick your favorite celebrity pet, who would it be?

I don’t follow pop-culture very often, but I always enjoy hearing stories of service dogs (civilian and military) that dedicate their lives to loving and caring for their owners.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

If I could be any animal it would have to be a dog.  I think it’s self-explanatory why!


5426 E. Arrowhead Pkwy.  Sioux Falls, SD 57110

(605) 274-9663


Photos by Little White Dog Pet Photography

Sioux Empire Pit Rescue in Urgent Need of Adoptive Families

With a record number of dogs on its waiting list, Sioux Empire Pit Rescue is asking for the public’s help to increase adoptions and make room in foster homes for dogs in shelters whose time may be running out.

In April, the rescue will be holding an “It’s Raining Men” adoption special. Male dogs will have a reduced adoption fee and adopters will also receive a free Gentle Leader head collar.

“We have so many dogs sitting on our waiting list to get into the program, most of them male,” said Board President Rachael Leighton. “These are dogs that shelter staff just fell in love with and knew they didn’t deserve to be euthanized. Unfortunately, we can’t give them a chance if we don’t have some adoptions to make room for them. We hope that our April special will help great homes find the great dogs we have in the rescue.”

Sunni - photo by Sioux Empire Pit Rescue

Sunni – photo by Sioux Empire Pit Rescue

Dogs like Sunni, who nearly lost his life to tick-borne diseases. Traveling 1300 miles from southern Texas to safety in Sioux Falls, Sunni had to make a pit stop in Austin because he was so close to death. An emergency blood transfusion and some medication got his strength up to continue the trip. Sunni arrived in Sioux Falls weighing in at just 34 pounds. Now Sunni is a happy and healthy 62 pounds, and waits for the perfect family to adopt him. Or dogs like Harper, who has spent over a year in a foster home waiting to be adopted. “Harper is a black dog, he has allergies, and he doesn’t look like a Pit Bull,” said Leighton. “All those things make potential adopters pass him over, even though he’s a wonderful dog.”

Harper - photo by Sioux Empire Pit Rescue

Harper – photo by Sioux Empire Pit Rescue

The adoption special will run through the month of April. Interested individuals or families can view and apply for adoptable dogs online at

SEPR also encourages people to support the rescue financially. “We are the only Pit Bull rescue in the area, and there’s such a need with these dogs,” said Leighton. “A dog like Sunni can easily run up $5,000 in veterinary bills to get him healthy.” The rescue will be holding an online auction on their Facebook page May 1-14, and their annual poker run is scheduled for June 13. The public is encouraged to visit the rescue’s Facebook page or website for more information.

Take Your Pup to Rover Range Dog Park


If you’re looking for fun activities for you and your dog and you’re in the Harrisburg area, check out Rover Range, located on Kent Street and Tom Sawyer Trail. Dog parks are a great way to socialize and exercise your pup, and you can get these same benefits there too. Rover Range attendee, Jerry Tim says it’s really nice having Tom Sawyer Trail right next to the dog park. If your pup isn’t feeling very social on a day you take him there, you can just walk a few feet over to the trail and go on a nice stroll.

Before going to the park, keep some general guidelines in mind. It is a smart idea to visit the dog park for the first time without your dog to check things out like the layout of the park and the behavior of fellow park attendees and their pets. When you do take your pup to the park for the first time, try going on a day where there aren’t many other dogs there. If you have a small dog, keep it in a separate area than big dogs. A big dog might accidentally hurt your little dog when playing with him.

by fetch! intern Brittany

Directions from Sioux Falls – take Cliff Ave. south to Harrisburg. Take a right on Kent Street (directly across from Schoeneman’s). Keep going all the way to the end of Kent Street. Rover Range Dog Park is on the left.