Q&A with Wags N Whiskers

When it comes to grooming, the safety and well-being of all pets are essential to Wags N Whiskers. They use only the safest equipment and take great pride in what they do. Because of the open floor plan, pets can easily be seen being bathed, dried and groomed.

Each pet is unique and so is their style! That is why Wags N Whiskers believes having a positive relationship with their customers and their pets is essential to finding their pet’s unique look.

What services do you offer?

We offer full grooming service for dogs and cats, including bath, anal glands, teeth brushing, blow out, ear cleaning, nail trimming, nail grinding, nail caps for both cats and dogs, hair brushing and haircuts. We have special shampoos and conditioners for dogs with all skin types, and offer aroma therapy to create a more relaxed and comfortable experience for the pets.

What inspired you to open a second location?

We continued to be so busy and wanted to be able to better serve our local community’s pets.

WagsNWhiskers-2How long have you been in business?

Wags N Whiskers was established in 1999.

What experience do you have in the pet industry?

Through my 24 years of grooming, I have seen and learned so much. I have a good relationship with local Veterinarians and truly care about the well-being of each animal that comes through our doors.

What types of products do you sell?

We sell holistic and premium pet food for dogs and cats including Earthborn, California Natural, EVO, Nutri Source, Purevita, Taste of the Wild and Fromm. We also have a large variety of treats, leashes, collars, harnesses and grooming supplies.

Do you support local small businesses that create pet items by selling them in your store?

Absolutely! I will always seek a local small business for service first: from office supplies, pet food and products and cleaning services.

Do you offer any services other than grooming?

Our West side location offers a Self-Service bathing area. This allows our customers the convenience of bathing their own dogs.

Features of the Self-Serve area:

  • Hydraulic bathtub allows for you and your dog’s comfort . No lifting and no bending.
  • We supply you and your dog with all necessary tools, brushes, combs, towels, ear wash and an apron to keep you dry.
  • Our professionals will visit with you to help you choose the best shampoo for your pet. This shampoo will go through our professional bathing system, which means no scrubbing your pet’s coat – let the system do the work for you!
  • Last but not least, our high velocity drying system.

Do you need an appointment to use the self-serve station?

You certainly can, but it is not required.

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Do you have any special events or hosting a rescue group coming up?

We’ll have several different retail promotions. You can find those product offers and dates on our website. We also have plans to coordinate a meet and greet and will support other events for our local shelters and rescue groups, so check our website for updates.

Do you and your employees have any pets? If so, do they come to the store with you guys?

Yes, we all have pets. A few of the girls do bring both their cats and dogs to work with them.


Wags N Whiskers

Wags N Whiskers East

3237 S Sycamore Ave  |  Sioux Falls, SD 57110

605-371-3500 Ext 1

Wags N Whiskers West

6805 S Louise Ave  |  Sioux Falls, SD 57108

605-371-3500 Ext 2






Photos by Little White Dog Pet Photography