Cruisin’ for Critters Poker Run Q&A


What is the Cruisin’ for Critters Poker Run?

The Cruisin’ for Critters Poker Run is one of our 4 main events that we hold throughout the year to raise money for the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society! Several riders will participate in this fundraiser by driving out to 4 bars just outside the city of Sioux Falls to collect stamps before arriving at the final location to receive their poker hand.


What is the admission to participate?

$15/hand if you pre-register and $20/hand if you register the day of the event. You can register at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society or on our website,, or you can register at J&L Harley-Davidson.


How long has the SFAHS been doing a Poker Run?

This is the 18th annual Cruisin’ for Critters Poker Run.


Has it always been called the Cruisin’ for Critters Poker Run?

It used to be called “Paws for a Cause,” but we recently re-vamped it and this is the first year we are using the name Cruisin’ for Critters.


Can people register for the Poker Run the day of the event?

You can register the day off! It will cost $20/hand the day of and we will hold registration at J&L Harley-Davidson from 11am-1pm this Saturday, May 27th.


For someone who’s never done one, how does the Poker Run work?

After registering at J&L Harley-Davidson, you’ll follow a map to visit 4 locations before ending at our final stop where you will be dealt a poker hand. Winners of those hands will be announced, as well as the winner of our 50/50 drawing!


Do you have to have a Harley motorcycle to participate?

You do not! We have quite a few people who participate in the Poker Run and they drive in their cars to each location.


Can any age take part in the Poker Run?

Any age is welcome. You have to be 18 to play a poker hand, but we have kids every year that tag along with their parents. We even have a “Youngest Rider” prize this year!


Where do you start the Poker Run at?

We’ll start with registration at J&L Harley-Davidson from 11am-1pm. Even if you’ve pre-registered, we’ll still all meet out at J&L so we can distribute the forms, the maps, and the t-shirts!


What are the stops on the Poker Run route?

J&L Harley-Davidson for registration

212 Boiling Point in Brandon

Monarch Lounge in Renner

The Goat Bar and Grill in Hartford

Shenanigans in Sioux Falls

Fresh Horses in Harrisburg


What happens at the last stop?

At the last stop you will be dealt your Poker hand! We’ll give away the prizes for those hands and announce the winner for the 50/50 drawing.


What are the prizes for the winners?

The prizes vary for each “winner.” The prize packages are a variety of gift cards, hotel stays, t-shirts, vehicle cleaning items, and much more, from several companies within Sioux Falls!


Where do you register for the 50/50 drawing?

You can buy tickets for the 50/50 drawing at registration or at Fresh Horses before we announce the prizes!


How will the money raised be used at the SFAHS?

The money raised will go directly to the Humane Society and caring for our animals until they find their FURever home! We’ll use it to purchase beds, toys, food, medicine, etc.


What is your biggest need for donations at the SFAHS?

We have a wish list on our website and now we have an amazon wish list –   Food is always a big one, especially now that its kitten season. We always serve our animals Purina dog/cat food, so that’s always needed!

A Special Breed of Dog Owners

Founded in 1961, the Sioux Empire Kennel Club (SEKC) brings together a special breed of extraordinary people who share a love of dogs. Its members are dedicated to upholding the integrity of the American Kennel Club’s Registry, promoting the sport of purebred and mixed-breed family dogs and breeding dogs for type and function. The SEKC is an all-breed club that has been a member of the American Kennel Club since 1968 and shares its objective: To advance the study, breeding, exhibiting, running and maintenance of purebred dogs. But the club is not only for purebreds, family dogs are welcome and open to compete in a variety of competitions. With more than 100 dog enthusiasts as members, the club is committed to advocate for the purebred show dog or family companion, advance canine health and wellbeing, work to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible ownership. The SEKC is a proud sponsor of the Sioux Falls Humane Society and BIG PAWS Canine Academy and Foundation, an organization that trains and provides service and companion dogs to disabled veterans and former first responders injured in the line of duty.


COMPETITION The SEKC hosts an annual Fall Show and various Obedience/ Agility trials throughout the year, giving members and guests from across the region a great opportunity to enter the ring and receive recognition for the hard work both dogs and their owners dedicate to preparing for competition. TRAINING We love puppies, and believe that they – and their human companions – live better together with basic training, but this is just the beginning of the classes we conduct for dogs in the area. From the basics to competition preparation, we offer many class and seminar choices for our members and the community.

  • Agility – (Various levels) Teach your dog to jump correctly, jump grids, different types of jumps and tunnels.
  • Conformation – (AKC-UKC registered dogs only) Get your dog ready for the show ring.
  • Obedience – (Various levels) Build a good relationship with your dog, prevent common behavior problems with the use of games and positive reinforcement. Prepare to compete at all levels of obedience.
  • Nose Work – (Various levels) Inspired by working detection dogs, Nose Work is the fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people. This new sport builds confidence and focus in many dogs, and provides a safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise. Coming soon.
  • Rally – (Dogs with basic obedience skills only) The newest AKC sport, dogs and their owners make their way through a complex course showcasing obedience skills – a fun experience for people and pets.
  • Therapy Dog Manners Class – (Some restrictions apply) This class will help you and your dog prepare to test for certification by TDI. The SEKC does not train therapy dogs but works closely with TDI to support this valuable program.
  • Seminars offered throughout the year in basic training, obedience, agility and nose work. Find the class that’s right for you and your dog on our website. MEMBERSHIP Sioux Empire Kennel Club members are active participants in club activities, serve on committees, and assist with the annual Fall Show and any Obedience/ Agility Trials hosted by the club. Membership fees: $20/ year – Single* $25/year – Family*

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SEKC Facilities – Old McDonald’s Farm Building W.H. Lyons Fairgrounds |100 N Lyon Blvd Sioux Falls, SD 57107 |

As seen in South Side Living Magazine- Article Credit: Krista Haynes