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There are many organizations that run Dock Jumping events. The most popular ones are Dock Dogs and Super Retriever Series (SRS) Super Dock, both established in the year 2000. The Incredible Dog Challenge was the first to have Dock Jumping competition in 1997.

The Dock

The dock is 8 foot wide by 40 foot long and is 2 foot above the water. For the safety of the dogs, make sure the body of water they are jumping in is free from debris and at least 4 foot deep.

Distance Measuring Procedure

Dock Dogs and SRS both measure from the lateral midpoint of the end of the dock to where the base of the dog’s tail breaks the water’s surface. This is done with digital video freeze frame technology.

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Big Air (Super Fly) – This is the long jump for dogs. The dog is placed anywhere on the 40’ dock, the dog runs and jumps in after a toy. The record jump is 25’.

Extreme Vertical (Super Fly) – This is the high jump for dogs. The dog starts at the 20’ mark on the dock and runs and jumps to releases a bumper that is suspended above the water with magnets. The bumper toy is extended out 8’ from the dock and starts at 4’6” and goes up 2” increments. The record is 8’ high.

Speed Retrieve (Super Speed) – This event is a timed event. At the far end of the pool a toy is suspended 2” above the water. The dog is placed at the 20’ mark, when the light turns green the dog is released and the time stops when the dog releases the toy from the bracket. Dock Dogs 101 Iron Dog (Super Triathlon) – This is a triathlon for dogs. The dog will compete in the three above events; the dog with the highest total score is the Iron Dog.

photo 2Dock Dogs is for all Breeds

If your dog loves to retrieve and loves the water, Dock Dogs may be the perfect sport for your dog.

Tips on Training

When training your dog for Dock Dogs the first training step is to get your dog to jump off the edge of the dock into the water. This is done by using your dog’s favorite toy and encouraging them to jump in. Once your dog is jumping into the water without hesitation add speed by placing the dog further back on the dock. When your dog is using the full 40’ length of the dock you are ready to improve your jumping distance by adding height. Height can be added by using the proper throwing technique to get your dog to extend for the toy.

South Dakota Flight Dogs

SD Flight Dogs has a four week basic / intermediate class for both Big Air and Extreme Vertical competitions

Current Location: Lake Brandt, SD

Cost: $40 per dog – Class size 8 dogs, sign up to reserve your spot at:

Local Dock Dog Events for South Dakota

Sioux Falls, SD SRS – Scheels August 9th

If you would like to learn more about Dock Dogs, contact your local Dock Training provider at or 605-201-2861. Find them on facebook here!

{Info and photos provided by SD Flight Dogs}


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