Is Your Pet Afraid of Thunderstorms?


Photo courtesy of The Rein Coat

It has often been said that necessity is the mother of invention.  And that is true for Paula Hege and her beloved English Mastiff, Rabb. Three years ago, Rabb was trapped in a thunderstorm.  So violent was the storm that the creek behind Paula’s home flooded.  The natural instinct of animals is to escape to higher ground in a flood and that’s just what a moccasin did.

Rabb and her sister Roz, a boxer, encountered their first snake.  Rabb and Roz may have thought the snake was another toy to play with.  Scared, the snake bit both dogs, nearly killing both.  Looking out her office window at the intensity of the storm, Paula’s instincts took over.  She raced home to find both dogs lying in her backyard–near death.  Paula rushed both to the N. C. State University Veterinary School where a team of doctors nursed Rabb and Roz back to health.

But that event left Rabb, a 200-pound mastiff, deathly afraid of thunderstorms.  It was painful to see how fearful she was every time a storm occurred.   There wasn’t a product that could help calm Rabb’s fears.  All of Paula’s “TLC” still wouldn’t calm her mastiff.  That’s when Paula decided she had to come up with a solution to help her dog.

The product Paula developed, a new coat and harness technology, work by replicating a naturally occurring behavior between animals and their offspring in a gentle and nurturing manner.  Picture this:  A mother dog picks up her puppy by the scruff of his neck, calming the puppy.  The puppy relaxes because he knows his mommy is taking him safely out of harm’s way.

The Rein Coat® is designed to lightly touch your pet on the nape of the neck—just like the mommy dog or cat—triggering the production of oxytocin to be released by the brain, which then reduces the fear and anxiety in your pet.  In numerous trials, The Rein Coat® has proven effective in reducing anxieties while allowing your pet to move freely without constraint.

The Rein Coat® is a patent pending, therapeutic calming coat.  The technology is totally different than any other dog shirts or coats that are tight-fitting and restrictive.   As with Rabb, many dogs and cats fear thunder, loud noises, a trip to the vet or groomer, or riding in cars or on airplanes.

The Rein Coat® is available in eight sizes and fitting your pet with the proper size is easy to do.

Because each coat is hand made by skilled seamstresses, The Rein Coat® is not sold in most pet stores.  For more information on The Rein Coat® visit

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