Keeping Your Pets Safe in the Garage

As a pet owner, you probably do everything you can to keep your furry friends safe. However, one of the biggest danger zones for your pet may be lurking in your own home! The garage may seem harmless, but there are many threats that if not taken care of properly, can seriously harm or even kill your fur baby. The good news is, these dangers can be easily taken care of if you follow a few precautionary steps.

Photo by Monkey Bar Storage

Photo by Monkey Bar Storage

Leaving and Entering Your Garage

Parking and backing out of the garage can seem like simple tasks. However, these tasks can take a hazardous turn if your pets have free range in your garage. Cats like to snuggle up against the warm engine, on top of tires and other strange places around your car, so it is important to check around the car before you turn it on. Pets can also be startled by your car starting and accidentally run behind it. Make sure all of your animals are safe and sound inside the house before you try and back up or pull into your garage.

Storing Your Belongings

Homeowner’s garages are most commonly used as a storage rooms. Keeping bigger items like wheel barrows, ladders and bicycles can be harmful to your pets if they aren’t properly stored. If these items are kept loose, they have the potential to fall and hurt your pets! Hanging these items from a storage rack or housing them on some overhead storage will help prevent this mishap. These options are ideal because they get your things off of the ground where they are easily messed with, and onto the safer areas of the walls and ceiling.

There are also many smaller items in the garage that can be just as harmful! Items like antifreeze, paints, gasoline and gardening products contain aromas that attract curious critters. The problem is the chemicals in these products can seriously harm or even kill your animals. To avoid this horrible outcome, store these products in cabinets that close and lock, so only you have access to them.  

Climate Control

Permanently keeping your pets in the garage is not a good idea. A lot of pet owners may do this because they believe it to be a better alternative to keeping them outside. The garage still gets very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter if you do not have some sort of climate controlling system in place. If you feel like it is too hot or too cold to keep your furry friends outside, it is too hot or too cold to keep them in the garage as well!

The garage can be a dangerous place for animals, but following these simple tips will transform your garage from a danger zone, to a place every member of your family can enjoy.

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