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Heart and Soul Kitty Sanctuary was founded by Brandy Smith, who has been rescuing all her life. In 2012 she realized that she had too many animals for her small house in town so she moved to a trailer just outside the city limits. There she started to remodel and made rooms designed for kitty’s needs and play! Her home is now a sanctuary for unwanted, abused, and abandoned kitties.
Heart and Soul Kitty Sanctuary are a South Dakota non-profit corporation that is solely funded by the founder with help of a few donations that they receive.  Mostly in-kind donations of food and toys. They have also received monetary donations that are used for the vetting and care of the kitties. 
The goal of the sanctuary was to help to combat the need of so many unwanted kitties. Brandy works with them, helps them heal, both physically and emotionally. She will work with a kitty until they are deemed fit for adoption. Our kitties are then placed in homes that meet their standard of care. Potential adopters go thru an application process and are matched with kitties that will benefit from their home and kitties that would benefit them. 
Right now we would like to highlight 2 ok well 3, (2 are twins) special kitties that are ready for adoption!
morkThis is a photo of Mork. Him and Paul are brothers and yes, both named after movie aliens. They are identical twins. Often the only way to tell them apart is by the eyes. Mork has vivid green eyes were Paul’s are a mild green. We call Mork and Paul our ponfar freaks because they fandango the stuffed frog all the time. These two are the most lovable kitties. When they came in, they were terrified. The home that they had lived in all their life did not want them. So they came to us and it took months for a trust to build and now we cannot keep them off our laps or bed.  They have both been vet checked, up to date on vaccines and have been dewormed.
zeroThis is Zero. Zero was Brandy’s son’s first rescue! He was found out in the cold as a wee baby. He was brought in, warmed and fed. He thrived being inside and is just a lover! Zero is a head bonker and will do it over and over. He loves kisses and pettings.  Zero is fully vetted and checked. He is microchiped and ready for a home that will give him so much love and attention!
If you have interest in adopting Mork, Paul, Zero or any other kitties, please visit their facebook page or contact them at:
Heart and Soul Kitty Sanctuary
906 w. Glynn dr.
Parkston, SD 57366
(605) 680-2039

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