Happy May Day!

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May Day, for me, is a great childhood memory! Filling a cup up with candy, taking it to my neighbor’s house, being extra quite so they didn’t notice I was at their door, set down the May Day basket, rang the doorbell and took off running like crazy! I remember finding a big tree to hide behind and watch to see what they would do. Sometimes they came out running to find me! Oh, that was fun – being a kid!!
So why not put that fun and excitement into a May Day basket for your doggie neighbors as well?
We started out with some 12”x12” scrapbook paper from our local craft store. Cut them in half diagonally. Roll them into a cone shape. If you need help with this part, here is a video you can watch that shows you how.
Then take your hole punch and put 2 holes in the cone. We cut pieces of ribbon at 16” long so there was enough room to tie the knots.
You can then decorate the outside if you want or just leave it plain, depending on the pattern of paper you pick out. For example, you can make a puppy dog face out of pom poms, wiggle eyes and chenille stems.
 IMG_2127  We got some crinkle craft paper to stick in the bottom, or you can leave that out and fill the whole cone with treats!
To add the finishing touch, you can add a stem of pretty flowers. Now it’s time to deliver them to the neighbor dogs!
If any of you know Nellie, giving kisses is one of her favorite things to do. So she probably wouldn’t take off running, she’d stand right there at the door, tail wagging, ready for her kiss!
Happy May Day everyone! Remember to run fast if you don’t want to get kissed… or maybe not if getting kissed is your plan!

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