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DoubleHP’s featured rescue horse for May is DoubleHP Minerva. She is available for sponsorship and participation in our natural horsemanship program. Even people who have no prior horse experience can excel in this program. We have riding and non-riding activities/sessions. Minerva has already completed level one of our horsemanship program and is almost through level two. She is a really nice, smart horse and is excellent for riding as well. She has no sponsor for this year, though we hope that once the word gets out a sponsor will quickly appear! Minerva will teach her sponsor many things about horses and about life, through non-verbal communication and a partnership-type relationship. Our horsemanship program is called AWE (assertiveness, willpower, energy).
beinaweoptionsWe have volunteer facilitators who help the sponsors with their horses. All of the sponsorship money goes to the horses. Every penny!
minervajazzysadDoubleHP volunteers rescued Minerva and 5 other horses from starvation several years ago. Minerva was just a yearling.  She went through several foster homes and even an adopter. But nothing seemed to work out for Minerva, who was too young to ride. It can be difficult to place these wild, young horses. So, when DoubleHP (Horse Help Providers, Inc.) received sanctuary status (GFAS ) in 2012, Minerva was promised a forever home at DoubleHP’s equine facility located 3 miles north of Crooks, SD. It’s only about 15-20 minutes from Sioux Falls.
Minerva, along with 17 other horses who live at DoubleHP, help humans figure things out through the natural horsemanship program. DoubleHP also has an equine assisted learning/therapy program. Sioux Falls Area Mental Health Professionals are invited to consider this for some of their clients. DoubleHP’s resident manager, Darci Hortness, is a certified EAGALA facilitator and has a BA in Education, along with 30+ years of horse experience including rescue, rehab, adoption, sanctuary, showing, training, natural horsemanship, and equine assisted learning.
There are several other horses available for sponsorship as well. Many people would love to own a horse but just don’t have the time, facilities, and money right now. Why not sponsor one of DoubleHP’s rescued horses! The horses live at DoubleHP, where they receive excellent care and have 24/7 access to shelter and plenty of room to run and play and be horses. There are indoor and outdoor arenas at DoubleHP. Minerva and her friends have been promised a forever home at DoubleHP, so their sponsors will never have to say good-bye to them.  DoubleHP (Horse Help Providers, Inc.) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and has been for about 10 years. 
New Hope Horse Shelter
25337 470th Ave.
Crooks, SD 57020

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