Daisy’s Favorite Getaway

While walking my Basset Hound, Daisy, on her daily walk in our neighborhood, I could sense that she was somewhat bored and uneasy with the surrounding activity of traffic, barking dogs and people working in their yards.
As we finished our walk, I determined it was time for a change of scenery once in a while and I decided to take Daisy to the Outdoor Campus at Sertoma Park. It was there that I discovered the walking trails for myself and my Daisy to enjoy.
The abundance of wildlife smells and sounds gave Daisy an enthusiasm in her walking pace that I hadn’t seen before. As we continued our walk, we met other dog walkers and people jogging. It was a comfort to realize that bicycle riders were not allowed on the walking trails. Daisy can wander from side to side on the six foot wide trail that is very well kept.
On one of our walks, a squirrel ran across the trail in front of us and I’m sure it made the walk that day a lasting memory in her mind. Daisy and I have decided that woodland is our favorite trail and we walk it every time we are there. Daisy responds very enthusiastically every time I grab her leash and I say to her, let’s go in the car. She knows it is probably a trip to the walking trails at the Outdoor Campus.
The Outdoor Campus has a map available of the two miles of trails for you to take with you on your walk. The map will assist you in choosing a trail to walk your dog, on one of the best kept secrets for us dog walkers.
Daisy and I hope to see you at the walking trail someday.
{submitted by Jerry T.}

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