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At fetch! we love seeing our fans’ pet photos! I know how much I like to brag about Nellie, so we love hearing your stories and seeing your photos because I know what that’s like!!
We also enjoy getting our local businesses involved. This year we partnered with Red Lion to do the photo shoot, Shop Dog Boutique who is giving a $100 shopping spree, Red Dog Brand Biscuits for providing yummy dog treats and Wags n’ Whiskers for providing a grooming so the winner looks fabulous for their photo shoot!
There have been inquiries of what type of pet can enter. From previous experience, dogs make up majority of entries so we did cater the prize package to a dog winning. That does not mean, however, that any pet can’t enter! We’ve already gotten several cats, horses and even guinea pigs so enter any pet you would like. Wags n’ Whiskers does groom cats! Shop Dog Boutique also has cat items. So if the winner is not a dog, you can always re-gift the dog treats and maybe find something YOU or a friend would like with your shopping spree!
pg1In 2012, we did the same photo contest and it was a huge success. It was a very hard decision, though, to narrow down the over 120 entries. A little black Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix named Winston ended up winning the cover model spot. He was a great little model!
Not only did we do a runner up contest, just in case the winner couldn’t fulfill the cover model spot, but we did a shout out album featuring more pets. Some of the shout outs included “coolest doo”, “fluffiest”, “longest eyebrows” and “sleepiest”, just to name a few!
Although we have to narrow it down, and our panel of judges will have a hard time doing so, we wanted to feature all entries in a video. So no matter what, your pet will make their debut on fetch! Sioux Falls Pet Magazine’s social media for you to share!
Please note, the photo you submit WILL NOT be the photo on the cover. A professional photographer will take the winning pet’s photo for the cover.
Make sure you are a fan of fetch! Sioux Falls Pet Magazine on facebook so you can vote as well as encourage your friends and family to vote. The photo with the most likes will be the winner!
So if you haven’t yet, get your photo sent in to before April 18, 2014 for your chance to be entered. Make sure you read the complete rules so you aren’t disqualified. Besides being on the cover of fetch! Sioux Falls Pet Magazine, you’ll be the winner of a prize package valued at over $350! Runner ups will also receive a consolation prize.
Stay tuned to fetch! on facebook – the 20 finalists will be posted on May 7th. Good luck!!

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