Riley wants to come live with you!



Hi there, my name is Riley! I came to Sioux Falls Canine Rescue in hopes of finding a new, forever family as my previous family underwent several lifestyle changes and ended up having to move and they couldn’t take me along.

I sure am a sweet boy and such a gentleman! I absolutely love to go for walks and I don’t mind car rides either. I am completely housetrained and am used to being in a kennel while my family was away and at night when they were sleeping. I really don’t mind my kennel as long as I have a soft, cozy blanket to cuddle up with. I don’t mind being around cats or other dogs but definitely wouldn’t mind being an only fur-child! I am definitely a lap dog and would sit in your lap all day if I could!

I get really nervous around small children so I am looking for a family with no children or children 12 years of age or older only. I really, really, really love attention and belly rubs are truly the best! I get a little nervous during thunderstorms but as long as I have a lap to cuddle in, I am just fine! I am already neutered, microchipped, up to date on all vaccinations, tested negative for heartworm and intestinal parasites and I had my teeth cleaned! Could I come home with you?



Riley’s adoption fee is $250 with an approved application. You can fill out an online adoption application at or contact Allison at 605-521-4444 for further information.

Sioux Empire Pit Rescue – Meet Dinah


Meet Dinah, short for Miss Dinah Drake of comic book fame! Like most comic book characters, Dinah had a challenging beginning to the her life and had to learn to use her superpowers to overcome a tough situation. Now Dinah is safe and can’t wait to fight crime with her forever family!

You may wonder that Dinah’s superpowers are…well, they are being SUPER CUTE and SUPER FRIENDLY! Dinah put those powers to use at the shelter back in Iowa, and that’s how she got to SEPR. Dinah is still working these superpowers as she is now healthy in her foster home. She has gained weight and her fur has grown back in, so she looks like the lucky little princess she is! Dinah did have to have hip surgery after she dislocated her hip. SEPR’s veterinarian said that Dinah probably slipped her hip due to going from severely underweight to a normal weight fairly quickly – her poor little tendons and ligaments just couldn’t keep up with the weight gain. However, she had a successful FHO and has made a full recovery. The surgery was a minor blip that will not affect Dinah’s quality of life at all.


Dinah loves everyone – canine and human – but her absolute favorite is her doggie foster sister. Dinah follows her around the house and runs in circles with her in the backyard. Dinah isn’t too sure about this new sudden cold and snow business! Like a true pittie, Dinah also loves the older children in her foster home. A good game of tug with the kids is her favorite and she is a good sport even when she doesn’t win in the end. Dinah also loves to settle down quietly and gnaw on her Nyla bone for while. And of course, there are those famous pittie zoomies – Dinah says she is faster than a speeding bullet!


Dinah enjoys being outside, soaking up rays, and dreaming about her future forever home. She also adores care rides, walks, and has learned that putting on her gentle leader means one of those two things is going to happen. Dinah attended SEPR’s “Train-a-bull” classes and continues to strive to be the perfect little lady. Her Favorite part, though, was the car ride to and from class. A close second was the treats she gets when she’s practicing her commands. Dinah is very food motivated and so training with her is a breeze.


Dinah is crate and house trained. She is always excited to meet and greet new visitors. Then Dinah will plop down on her back so she can receive belly rubs – her all time favorites! Since Dinah is so super cute and super friendly, she would do great in any kind of home. She would love an active family that would include her in everything that’s going on. Dinah says life is really great with her foster family, but she cant wait to meet her forever family – could it be you?

Dinah is a liver and white 1 1/2 year old female, spayed, weighing 45 pounds. She is good with dogs and cats. Contact Sioux Empire Pit Rescue if you are interested in adopting Dinah.

{Photos by Elisha Page}

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Sioux Empire Pit Rescue
PO Box 2321
Sioux Falls, SD 57101


Heartland Humane Society

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I would love to find a home with a nice secure area for me to run and run and play! I do love a good mental challenge as well as physical, so a home that can provide that would be fantastic. I will get bored easily if not kept active and my brain is always thinking. I’ve heard my people describe me as energetic and Happy-go-Lucky. I definitely like to be with people and don’t like being put into a kennel. When my people are home, I really want to be with them wherever they are going to be. I do admit that I need some structure in my life, so be prepared to help me learn some new manners. If you are an active family who is ready to have some fun with me, please call the ladies at HHS and find out more about me.
Doc is a young German shorthair needing love and some basic training. Doc is good around other animals. His excitement for life will keep you on your toes.
Adopt Doc for $100.00. He is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations rabies and microchipped.
Heartland Humane Society
3400 East Highway 50
Yankton, SD
(605) 664-4244

Heartland Greyhound Adoption

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Frank, WW’s Flame On, is a complete charmer who loves to be talked to. He hops up and down on his front legs and snaps his jaws when he’s excited, but most of the time he’s as quiet and mellow a dog as you could wish for. He likes to shake stuffed toys, but isn’t fond of the squeakers. He enjoys ear and face rubs. He loves to go for walks, and has very good leash manners.
Frank just turned 4 on April 16th. He’s currently being fostered in Omaha with two cats and another greyhound. He’s getting along very well with the cats. Frank will play-chase if they run, so introductions to nervous cats should be carefully monitored.

One Sunday afternoon in September 2000, three greyhounds and their owners gathered for a “Meet-And-Greet” at the PETCO Store on Buffalo Rd. in Clive, IA. In June 2001, Heartland Greyhound Adoption was formally established as a volunteer, not-for-profit organization. Currently Heartland Greyhound Adoption has about 200 members in the Midwest.

Heartland Greyhound Adoption is a volunteer not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, formed and operating in central Iowa to promote the adoption of retired racing greyhounds.

The mission of Heartland Greyhound Adoption is: to educate the public about greyhounds through outreach projects; to encourage and nurture the adoption of greyhounds; to accept and screen applications for greyhound adoption; to establish foster homes for greyhounds prior to adoption; to aid and support the efforts of other greyhound friends and adoption groups; to establish and promote cooperation and understanding with local humane societies and other animal-interest groups.

P.O. Box342
Bondurant, Iowa 50035
(515) 967-6564

Double HP : Horse Sanctuary

DoubleHP’s featured rescue horse for May is DoubleHP Minerva. She is available for sponsorship and participation in our natural horsemanship program. Even people who have no prior horse experience can excel in this program. We have riding and non-riding activities/sessions. Minerva has already completed level one of our horsemanship program and is almost through level two. She is a really nice, smart horse and is excellent for riding as well. She has no sponsor for this year, though we hope that once the word gets out a sponsor will quickly appear! Minerva will teach her sponsor many things about horses and about life, through non-verbal communication and a partnership-type relationship. Our horsemanship program is called AWE (assertiveness, willpower, energy).
beinaweoptionsWe have volunteer facilitators who help the sponsors with their horses. All of the sponsorship money goes to the horses. Every penny!
minervajazzysadDoubleHP volunteers rescued Minerva and 5 other horses from starvation several years ago. Minerva was just a yearling.  She went through several foster homes and even an adopter. But nothing seemed to work out for Minerva, who was too young to ride. It can be difficult to place these wild, young horses. So, when DoubleHP (Horse Help Providers, Inc.) received sanctuary status (GFAS ) in 2012, Minerva was promised a forever home at DoubleHP’s equine facility located 3 miles north of Crooks, SD. It’s only about 15-20 minutes from Sioux Falls.
Minerva, along with 17 other horses who live at DoubleHP, help humans figure things out through the natural horsemanship program. DoubleHP also has an equine assisted learning/therapy program. Sioux Falls Area Mental Health Professionals are invited to consider this for some of their clients. DoubleHP’s resident manager, Darci Hortness, is a certified EAGALA facilitator and has a BA in Education, along with 30+ years of horse experience including rescue, rehab, adoption, sanctuary, showing, training, natural horsemanship, and equine assisted learning.
There are several other horses available for sponsorship as well. Many people would love to own a horse but just don’t have the time, facilities, and money right now. Why not sponsor one of DoubleHP’s rescued horses! The horses live at DoubleHP, where they receive excellent care and have 24/7 access to shelter and plenty of room to run and play and be horses. There are indoor and outdoor arenas at DoubleHP. Minerva and her friends have been promised a forever home at DoubleHP, so their sponsors will never have to say good-bye to them.  DoubleHP (Horse Help Providers, Inc.) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and has been for about 10 years. 
New Hope Horse Shelter
25337 470th Ave.
Crooks, SD 57020

Sioux Empire Pit Rescue


This is Barchiel, named after the Angel of Compassion. He was found sleeping on an old, dirty, flea-infested mattress between two very busy interstates in southern Texas. A guardian angel stopped to entice him into her car and get him to safety. Barchiel was unsure if this newfound friend meant help or harm and so it did take animal control several days to catch him. His guardian angel than had a much harder task of finding a rescue to save this handsome man. Southern Texas pit bulls are a dime a dozen and the majority never make it out of the shelter. The rest is history – what a long shot asking a South Dakota rescue to accept a pit bull from the Texas/Mexico border. One look at Barchiel’s pictures and videos and the SEPR crew knew there was something immensely special about him and he deserved his second chance!


Barchiel had a LONG ride to get to SEPR! He made the journey which took three days by car and loved each transporter along the way that aided him on his journey. Possibly his way of saying, “thank you” for helping him to safety. Upon arriving to SEPR, Barchiel was in rough shape: heartworm positive, with a dislocated hip (an old injury that has healed—probably was hit by a car at some point), a large cyst on his front paw, and of course covered in fleas and ticks. None of this seems to upset him, though; new day, new life, he is ready for his forever home! Some of Barchiel’s new best friends are his vets. He has completed his treatment for his heartworm and his FHO hip surgery. Barchiel is now heart worm negative and working on strengthening his new hip. Barchiel’s fleas and ticks are gone and with a little rest and pampering he looks like a whole new man!


Something special is the least we can say about this boy. His is a clown, life of the party, couch potato, and socialite all wrapped up into one dog. Barchiel has settled right into being a great indoor family boy. He is both house trained (except for a few minor accidents) and crate trained. Upon arriving home and letting Barchiel out from his crate he will run around and “march” like the stiff legged soldiers in London! Between his ears and his crazy happy dance you cannot help but laugh over this goofball.

Barchiel is fostered with canine friends, and with a nice slow introductions does great with them. He would do fine a home with either a nice submissive female or could fly fine as a soloist as well. Barchiel pays little attention to the cats in his foster home.

Barchiel loves stuffed animals, and can entertain himself by chewing on his favorite roast bones for hours. He loves his special doggie pillow that sits in front of the living room window so he can watch the world go by. He also enjoys lounging in the grass out back and hoping warmer days are around the corner to enjoy more outside time. He is a very smart dog and already knows a couple of basic commands – sit, come, wait, go to bed, etc.


This handsome man has been through so much in his short life and SEPR is committed to ensuring he will find his forever family shortly. With his deep brown eyes that paint a picture all of themselves you cannot help but fall in love with this funny bunny. Huge on personality and even bigger on looks – SEPR loves this kid and we know your family will too!

Barchiel is a red and white 5 year old male, neutered, weighing 56 pounds. He is good with dogs and cats. Contact Sioux Empire Pit Rescue if you are interested in adopting Barchiel.

{Photos by Elisha Page}

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Sioux Empire Pit Rescue
PO Box 2321
Sioux Falls, SD 57101


Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue

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Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue was founded in 2008 by a group of Dane lovers. Since then, UMGDR has saved hundreds of Danes, many more than we ever imagined would need us! Our mission is to serve the animal community by providing foster homes, medical treatment, and behavioral assessments to Great Danes in need of forever homes.
We accept Danes from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas. We accept adoption applications from the same states. Every Dane goes to a foster home where they are treated like a member of the family.
Foster volunteers get to know the dog so they can provide the adopters with as much information as possible. Our Danes are fully vetted including vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm and parasite testing, and any treatable medical conditions. All adopters must have a home visit and references. We carefully match each adopter with a Dane through our placement coordinators.
Dolly is a 3-year-old black female. She was being offered up for free on Craigslist. She was being kept outside but is adapting well to indoor living. {Dolly’s photo taken by Emily Anderson}
 040114 UMGDR Naga 011 (2)
Naga is a 1 1/2-year-old merle female. She was being attacked by the male dog in her home. She had also had a litter of puppies. She’s cautious around new people but is doing great in her foster home. {Naga’s photos by Amanda Gahler}
Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue
PO Box 2853
Minneapolis, MN 55402

MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

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MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue’s mission is to rescue Boston Terriers and Boston mixes that are surrendered/unwanted, homeless/stray, mistreated/neglected, slated for euthanasia or puppy mill released, no matter their health, condition or age, finding them safe and happy forever home through an adoption program that provides foster care, medical care, rehabilitation, and education.

sophiecMy name is Sophie. I am a 10 year old Boston that was surrendered to MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue as the result of my owners falling ill and no longer able to care for me.

I am a loving little girl who adjusts well to my new environment given that I am pretty much blind from senior cataracts.  As you will learn my limited vision does not slow me down. I have negotiated my three story foster home really well and know where to find my toys.

sophiedI am polite, patient and only bark when someone is at the door.  I love blankets and snuggling up in my dog bed.  Though I live with other dogs I am not much of a playmate.

Sophie is spayed, up to date on rabies and distemper, heartworm tested, and microchipped.

Adoption Fee: $150 – Eligible for the Golden Paws Program (adopters 60 years and older adopting a dog 7 years and older get $50 off the adoption fee noted below)




MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue
Omaha, Nebraska 68116
(402) 510-1346


Heart and Soul Kitty Sanctuary

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Heart and Soul Kitty Sanctuary was founded by Brandy Smith, who has been rescuing all her life. In 2012 she realized that she had too many animals for her small house in town so she moved to a trailer just outside the city limits. There she started to remodel and made rooms designed for kitty’s needs and play! Her home is now a sanctuary for unwanted, abused, and abandoned kitties.
Heart and Soul Kitty Sanctuary are a South Dakota non-profit corporation that is solely funded by the founder with help of a few donations that they receive.  Mostly in-kind donations of food and toys. They have also received monetary donations that are used for the vetting and care of the kitties. 
The goal of the sanctuary was to help to combat the need of so many unwanted kitties. Brandy works with them, helps them heal, both physically and emotionally. She will work with a kitty until they are deemed fit for adoption. Our kitties are then placed in homes that meet their standard of care. Potential adopters go thru an application process and are matched with kitties that will benefit from their home and kitties that would benefit them. 
Right now we would like to highlight 2 ok well 3, (2 are twins) special kitties that are ready for adoption!
morkThis is a photo of Mork. Him and Paul are brothers and yes, both named after movie aliens. They are identical twins. Often the only way to tell them apart is by the eyes. Mork has vivid green eyes were Paul’s are a mild green. We call Mork and Paul our ponfar freaks because they fandango the stuffed frog all the time. These two are the most lovable kitties. When they came in, they were terrified. The home that they had lived in all their life did not want them. So they came to us and it took months for a trust to build and now we cannot keep them off our laps or bed.  They have both been vet checked, up to date on vaccines and have been dewormed.
zeroThis is Zero. Zero was Brandy’s son’s first rescue! He was found out in the cold as a wee baby. He was brought in, warmed and fed. He thrived being inside and is just a lover! Zero is a head bonker and will do it over and over. He loves kisses and pettings.  Zero is fully vetted and checked. He is microchiped and ready for a home that will give him so much love and attention!
If you have interest in adopting Mork, Paul, Zero or any other kitties, please visit their facebook page or contact them at:
Heart and Soul Kitty Sanctuary
906 w. Glynn dr.
Parkston, SD 57366
(605) 680-2039