Behind the Scenes : Life Under the Sea


If you’ve ever wondered what life is like under the sea, visiting the Marine Cove at Sertoma Butterfly House is the place to go! On these bitterly cold South Dakota days, taking a dive into the underwater world at the Marine Cove is a refreshing escape.

Thousands of gallons of freshwater and saltwater aquariums with a fabulous variety of aquarium life can give you hours of enjoyment. There’s just something so peaceful and relaxing about it!


One of the things I didn’t know was how many different corals the Marine Cove had and the process the corals go through.

Not only is there plenty to look at, but you can also get hands-on with sharks and stingrays. Although I have to admit it took me a while, I finally touched a stingray – and received a sticker to prove it!


We also got a “behind-the-scenes” look at what it takes to keep the Marine Cove functioning. JD Pratt was kind enough to show us around, talk about each aquarium and show us what keeps all the aquariums running. You can see JD’s debut article in the Spring Edition of fetch! Sioux Falls Pet Magazine out the first week of March 2014.

The wonderful photos you see here and in the Life Under the Sea article were taken by the very talented Bill Van der Hagen. You can see more of his work at



If you haven’t been to the Butterfly House & Marine Cove, I highly encourage it! They are located in Sertoma Park. They also have education programs available, a pretty amazing gift shop and you can even have a birthday party or wedding there. Check them out online at






  1. Aldijana says:

    I had the opportunity to swim with stingrays down in Grand Cayman Island. I was ok until it was time to feed them…they were so slimy and I just freaked out. It is cool though to be able to say I petted one :-) way to go Lori!!!!

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