Hedz UP Pets Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Lifesaving Watercollar™ Personal Flotation Device (PFD) For Dogs

It is estimated that thousands of dogs accidentally drown each year. The exact number is unknown because many of these drownings go unreported. But the fact is water can be a real danger to dogs. The Hedz UP Watercollar™ was invented to help prevent these deaths. Designed to be both a swim aid and life preserver, the Watercollar™ will keep a dog’s nose and ears above water even if the dog is unconscious.

“A dog who has fallen into the water can only keep swimming for maybe 20 minutes, and even less if he panics,” says Lynne Peters, President of Hedz UP Pets. “If there is no one around to help save these dogs the consequences can be heartbreaking.”


Unlike dog life jackets that hold dogs in a swimming position, the hexagonal-shaped Watercollar™ hangs comfortably on his own collar and helps prevent drowning by keeping a dog’s nose above water. The WatercollarTM hangs loosely away from the neck for long wearing comfort and ease of movement when not in the water. When a dog swims or falls in the water the straps position the Watercollar™ under the dogs chin allowing for easy treading and ensuring a panic-free swim to safety.


The hexagonal-shaped Watercollar™ was designed using the same standards as the human flotation requirements established by the U.S. Coast Guard. This personal floatation device for dogs is filled with non-absorbent closed-cell foam with a 100% cotton cover and nylon straps that attach securely to a dogs collar. It is avaiable in sizes from small to extra large.


Hedz Up Pets was drawn to KickStarter for funding because it’s an exciting way to gain funding. Diana Salerno, CMO of Hedz UP Pets, says, “We  believe  many people will support the project if they become aware of the Watercollar™ through KickStarter. KickStarter is a crowd-sourcing website for people to come together and support a project they believe in. As a part of the KickStarter drive, Hedz UP Pets is offering donors a “Save Dogs From Drowning” Community Awareness kit  including poster art, content and images to create their own campaigns  to get the word out to protect dogs from drowning. The goal is to raise $10,000 for production and marketing of the first large quantity Watercollar™ production run.

“I created the Watercollar™ because my own dog would fall in the pool and panic,” added Peters. “Not all dogs are good swimmers and even if they are, they may not know where to go to get out of the water and the results can be disastrous. We want to raise awareness for this problem and prevent as many of these unfortunate drownings as possible.”

For more information about the Watercollar™ please visit the website at www.hedzuppets.com. To contribute to the Kickstarter campaign please go to www.kickstarter.com/projects/561222247/protect-dogs-from-drowning and visit the facebook page at Hedz Up Pets Water Collars

Sioux Empire Pit Rescue in Urgent Need of Adoptive Families

With a record number of dogs on its waiting list, Sioux Empire Pit Rescue is asking for the public’s help to increase adoptions and make room in foster homes for dogs in shelters whose time may be running out.

In April, the rescue will be holding an “It’s Raining Men” adoption special. Male dogs will have a reduced adoption fee and adopters will also receive a free Gentle Leader head collar.

“We have so many dogs sitting on our waiting list to get into the program, most of them male,” said Board President Rachael Leighton. “These are dogs that shelter staff just fell in love with and knew they didn’t deserve to be euthanized. Unfortunately, we can’t give them a chance if we don’t have some adoptions to make room for them. We hope that our April special will help great homes find the great dogs we have in the rescue.”

Sunni - photo by Sioux Empire Pit Rescue

Sunni – photo by Sioux Empire Pit Rescue

Dogs like Sunni, who nearly lost his life to tick-borne diseases. Traveling 1300 miles from southern Texas to safety in Sioux Falls, Sunni had to make a pit stop in Austin because he was so close to death. An emergency blood transfusion and some medication got his strength up to continue the trip. Sunni arrived in Sioux Falls weighing in at just 34 pounds. Now Sunni is a happy and healthy 62 pounds, and waits for the perfect family to adopt him. Or dogs like Harper, who has spent over a year in a foster home waiting to be adopted. “Harper is a black dog, he has allergies, and he doesn’t look like a Pit Bull,” said Leighton. “All those things make potential adopters pass him over, even though he’s a wonderful dog.”

Harper - photo by Sioux Empire Pit Rescue

Harper – photo by Sioux Empire Pit Rescue

The adoption special will run through the month of April. Interested individuals or families can view and apply for adoptable dogs online at pitrescue.weebly.com.

SEPR also encourages people to support the rescue financially. “We are the only Pit Bull rescue in the area, and there’s such a need with these dogs,” said Leighton. “A dog like Sunni can easily run up $5,000 in veterinary bills to get him healthy.” The rescue will be holding an online auction on their Facebook page May 1-14, and their annual poker run is scheduled for June 13. The public is encouraged to visit the rescue’s Facebook page or website for more information.

Take Your Pup to Rover Range Dog Park


If you’re looking for fun activities for you and your dog and you’re in the Harrisburg area, check out Rover Range, located on Kent Street and Tom Sawyer Trail. Dog parks are a great way to socialize and exercise your pup, and you can get these same benefits there too. Rover Range attendee, Jerry Tim says it’s really nice having Tom Sawyer Trail right next to the dog park. If your pup isn’t feeling very social on a day you take him there, you can just walk a few feet over to the trail and go on a nice stroll.

Before going to the park, keep some general guidelines in mind. It is a smart idea to visit the dog park for the first time without your dog to check things out like the layout of the park and the behavior of fellow park attendees and their pets. When you do take your pup to the park for the first time, try going on a day where there aren’t many other dogs there. If you have a small dog, keep it in a separate area than big dogs. A big dog might accidentally hurt your little dog when playing with him.

by fetch! intern Brittany

Directions from Sioux Falls – take Cliff Ave. south to Harrisburg. Take a right on Kent Street (directly across from Schoeneman’s). Keep going all the way to the end of Kent Street. Rover Range Dog Park is on the left.