12 Days of fetch! Christmas

2013 12 Days of Christmas



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How it works:

1. On fetch! Sioux Falls Pet Magazine’s facebook page, we will start out the song with “On the [first] day of Christmas, my fur kid gave to me…”

2. Comment with alternative pet related lyrics for that day’s verse.

3. If you have a photo to go with your lyric, share that as well!

4. The fetch! team will choose the winning lyric at the conclusion of the contest.

5. Each day we will post a new verse until we have all 12 Days of fetch! Christmas lyrics completed.

6. A final version of all lyrics will be posted on December 25 to kick off the 12 Days of Christmas!

7. Those who commented with the winning lyrics for each day will be entered into a drawing for the GRAND PRIZE!

Terms & Conditions: Lyrics will be chosen based on relativity to pets and the holidays, originality and rhythm to original lyrics. No advertising or promoting of a specific business is allowed – those that do will be deleted. You may only comment once per day. If you comment with a lyric more than once a day, only your first entry will be considered. By commenting or sharing an image, you agree to have the rights to the image and give fetch! Sioux Falls Pet Magazine the rights to use your image and comment as well as crediting the winner by announcing your name.

Kunekune Pigs: Lap Dogs With Snouts and Hooves

Kunekune pigs are rare domestic pigs from New Zealand. They were taken off of the endangered species list in 2010 and have now become popular pets in America.  The boars weigh between 250 to 300 pounds, and the sows are around 150 pounds.

By chance, Jessica Farley became the owner of one of these Kunekunes, one of the greatest pets she could ask for. She now has two Kunekunes, Remington (who she affectionately calls Remmy) and Ceres.


We spoke with her a bit to get a feel for what it is like to have these animals as pets.

Farley’s favorite thing about her Kunekunes is how friendly they are. “When I come home they always come running to me, grunting and saying hello.”

Remington and Ceres keep their yard dandelion-free too. “The best thing is that they eat dandelions. They have cleaned the whole farm of them and other weeds they like to eat,” said Farley.


Having Kunekunes as pets is much like owning dogs in many ways. “They are teddy bears and like to sit with you or be next to you. Even Remmy at 300 pounds thinks he is a lap dog. They love to be pet and scratched at all times.

They are very smart and can do tricks such as sit, dance and speak, and they enjoy playing. “My pigs like to play with the cats. One of the cats that grew up with the pigs rides around on Remmy,” said Farley.

They’re also knows to play with five-gallon buckets and foam pool noodles.

Kunekunes can be potty trained like a dog to go outside or to use a litter box like a cat.


There is a bit of “pig proofing” that should be done to keep these animals as pets. “Young pigs can get up stairs and up onto couches and things. Food needs to be moved up to higher cabinets. Think of them as three-year-old kids. They are just as curious and just as smart,” explained Farley.

When it comes to their diet, Kunekunes are vegetarian and can be a little picky. Along with dandelions, they like eating grains, which can be bought from Tractor Supply in Sioux Falls. In the summer, they mainly graze.

Health problems aren’t a common issue with Kunekunes, so minimal vet care is all that is usually needed to keep these pigs healthy.

“I give my pigs a shot for lice and worms once a year. That’s about it. You do need to trim their hooves if they don’t get enough walking around in the winter time,” said Farley.

{article by Brittany, fetch! intern} – photos submitted by Jessica Farley


6 Must-Have Apps for Pet Owners


Our pets are our best friends, and we want to make sure they are getting the best care possible. There are many phone apps that can help make it simple. We’ve compiled a list of apps that make technology your second best friend.


Tagg is a GPS tracking system that attaches to your pet’s collar.  You can create a “safe zone” around your house and receive texts, e-mails and push notifications if your pet goes outside of these boundaries.  You can also use a live GPS tracking map to find your pet when he or she does get loose. It will even give you directions on how to get to their location easily.

Available for iOS and Android. Also available on mobile web if you don’t have either of these.

Cost: $99.95 + service fees ($9.95/month after 2 months)

Pet Phone

Pet Phone allows you to keep track of your pet’s medical history and needs, from vet appointments and the visit reasons, to medication and allergies, to locating a vet near you when you’re out of town.  You can enter multiple pets in the app as well as multiple vets.

Available for iOS

Cost: $2.99


MapMyDogWalk is a fitness tracking app that allows you to track your route, calories burned, time, distance and speed while you’re walking your pup. Map points show you where to find dog-friendly restaurants, dog parks, water fountains, and waste bag dispensers. It will also inform you of dog events happening in your area, and you can share your journey with your friends with the app’s Twitter integration feature.

Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free


PetMinder is essentially a day planner for your pets. You can set reminders for grooming, play dates, training classes, vaccinations and more, and the app sends you an e-mail an hour before any of these set appointments.

Available for iOS

Cost: Free

Bring Fido

Bring Fido is the app to have if you’re traveling with your pup. It finds pet friendly hotels, restaurants, and other dog-friendly establishments. It’ll even find dog events happening close by. When searching for hotels, it will tell you if there’s a fee for pets and what their policy is, and you can even read customer reviews to choose which establishment is the best fit for you.

Available for iOS

Cost: Free

Pet at Hand

Pet at Hand is basically a database for all information about your pet. The app will reminds you of your pets’ vet appointments and birthdays. It also helps track how much money you spend on your pets.  Storage for phone numbers and addresses is another handy feature of this app.

Available for Windows

Cost: $2.99

{article by Brittany, fetch! intern}